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Southern Gardens has taken care of my yard for many years, and I’m so grateful for their exceptional care!

Not only have they taken care of all the basics – mowing, weeding, fertilizing, mulching, trimming – they’ve also planted trees, bushes, bulbs, and annuals, after consulting on best choices. They want my yard to be beautiful, and because of them, it is!

If I need extra help getting ready for an outdoor event, they’re happy to put me on the calendar as needed. Greg and his family and employees are tremendously helpful, professional, and prompt to respond, always. They are a pleasure to work with. Southern Gardens is the best of what a family business can be.

Jennifer Puryear,


I have known Greg Jones for 40 years. He has taken care of our lawn, our trees and our irrigation system during that time. I would recommend Southern Gardens to anyone looking for a lawn care company that takes great pride in their work. An added benefit is that you will never see Greg without a smile on his face!!

Joe Ledbetter, Nashville TN


We’ve used Southern Gardens for our home’s landscape and hardscape needs for the last 15 years.  They do a terrific job.  Greg and Kelly are great to work with, as are all their employees. 

Rami & Dina Mishu, Nashville TN


I moved to Nashville about six years ago to my beautiful new home with very minimal landscaping. I partnered with Southern Gardens as they were currently cutting the grass at my new home and became a master gardener at the same time.

My yard/grass/gardens are now absolutely gorgeous. Southern Gardens have a very experienced professional and creative team. They have one stop shopping for almost all your needs including lighting, irrigation and of course all the landscaping.  Most of all they are flexible and trustworthy and willing to try anything to meet your needs.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or additional reference information.

Susan Snyder, Nashville TN